Paik’s Bibim – Marinated Tofu Bibimbap Review

Met up with a good and wise friend Sasha yesterday for dinner and I introduced her to Paik’s Bibim. It is a Bibimbap chain from South Korea that was started by a Korean celebrity chef.

We both had the Marinated Tofu Bibimbap ($6.90). You can stir in some Korean gochujang (a bottle is placed on every table) if you’d like – I personally love adding it to give the dish a stronger, sweet taste. I like that you get a ton of vegetables in this dish to keep you full, and some protein in the form of soy-sauce (I think) marinated tofu cubes. Everything was really fresh-tasting – at a reasonable price of $6.90 I would come back for this. I do like the tangy pickled radish kimchi too – went for a second helping at the counter. It is only a tad spicy, if you’re wondering.

Paik's Bibim

The last time Fadzly and I were here, we had the Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap – tender, flavourful beef slices sat atop Korean rice, surrounded by cut-up leafy vegetables that I couldn’t identify. It was delicious but I wish they’d served the standard array of bibimbap vegetables. I would personally prefer that I guess. Though, on another note I have started going vegetarian so I suppose it is unlikely I will order the beef bulgogi one again.

Paik’s Bibim is at #02-125, Vivocity.


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