A Sentence A Day Project – #2

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Hello again! I’ve just finished all the work I needed to do today (woohoo!), so I’ve decided to squeeze in quick a reflection with today’s ASAD question before heading out. If you are reading this in the office at 445pm on a Friday, I am about 80% sure you haven’t actually done any work in the last hour either.

Today’s question:

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The immediate answer that came to my mind was: CAMPS.

As some of you might know, I now juggle my time between freelance writing and facilitating camps for school kids. It was something I decided to try out after returning from my soul-searching trip to Nepal.

I don’t know if I’m getting old, but man, am I bushed at the end of the day – I’m practically a zombie. And besides sleeping early that evening, I needed another half a day the next day to really get back to normal. Do you think it’s age, or something else? How is it creeping up so soon? I’m 26, goddamit! Not 62!

I’d love to be able to last through a whole 3D2N camp, but I think I’d be kinder to myself if I stuck with the one-day and 2D1N camps before progressing on. It’s pretty ironic that people used to know me as the kid who wouldn’t stop talking and wouldn’t keep still unless she was sleeping. Haha.


So tell me, what do YOU wish you had more energy for?


2 thoughts on “A Sentence A Day Project – #2

  1. I would like to communicate better with families and friends. Not just a like on IG or a comment on fb or a message on whatsapp. More of a handwritten letter, a handmade card, a long phonecall or a casual meetup. I miss being close to people who matter minus the technology.

    • Lela!!!!! Thanks a million for reading my post and sharing that! I thought about your comment and I totally agree. Then I thought of a fun project! I love sending handwritten letters and stuff too and it’s always the lack of materials that make me procrastinate. So I have an idea that may work for both of us. Why not go out and buy some nice papers and envelopes, and a whole bunch of stamps? Then just try getting your friends’ addresses and away you go! If the stamps and stuff are always there, I think you’ll be more likely to be motivated to write to them. Doesn’t even have to be a long poem-like letter eh? Even a “hello and thank you for being a wonderful friend” would make a nice surprise I think!! Thanks for giving me this idea!! It’s a little less difficult to arrange than a meet-up but the effort says a lot methinks 🙂

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