Ruby’z NZ/HDB “Fundraiser”


Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. Dec, 2011

Thank you for coming to this page to find out more.

Many of you know that I’m moving to New Zealand to pursue my dreams of becoming an outdoor adventure guide. What some of you may not know know is that my husband and I also received the keys to our BTO flat on 13 December 2016. You could say that we did, and did not anticipate this coincidence.

Back in 2012 when we applied for the flat, going back to school had not been in my reality. Choosing to attend a 2017 course was also a decision made later on, thinking that the flat would have arrived sooner (the project was delayed because the construction company had gone bankrupt. News article here.)


We have started purchasing some basic appliances and furnishings, and collectively they cost a lot. The money I had put together for my time in New Zealand I am now spending on the home, so I am trying to earn more. Funds raised will go towards my living costs in New Zealand and furnishing the new flat. In case it needs to be said, I’m not the type to live lavishly and we are not doing anything fancy for the home either. #wearesimplepeople

Here’s what I’m offering!

Email Akashic Readings

To find out what an Akashic Reading is, check out this page of my healing website. If you’re feeling stuck, lost, seeking understanding, got some burning questions about a relationship or a career, and need loving advice from a Divine source – this will help. I personally have gained A LOT of clarity from accessing my own Records and have witnessed other people receiving the same during the readings. If this is calling to you, keep reading.

I have always done my Akashic Record readings in person or via video chat. I feel that the interaction is nice and may foster a better connection with the person’s Records. My teacher has also told me that non-face to face readings may be more difficult to channel.

Most people I know work from 9 – 6pm and are free afterwards. I’m free 9 – 6pm and busy afterwards, which makes it very challenging to schedule appointments.

So, I would like to offer an Akashic Reading via email, where you send me a set of 4 to 5 questions and I’ll send a reply with the answers gained from your Akashic Records. 4 to 5 questions is the average number we cover during an hour-long face-to-face session. You can add 1 or 2 extra questions which I will answer if I have the extra time.


IMPORTANT: This is experimental. The first few people who take this up will need to send me some honest feedback to let me know if the answers were in resonance, were clear, and ultimately if it served them. If it turns out that non-personal readings will not work, then I will have to scrap this project. So please jump on if you are willing to sit with me through this ride.

COST: By donation. If you need a gauge, I normally charge $100 for a one-hour reading. I think $50 – $80 is fair for an email reading. I’m also flexible enough for you to send me only 1 or 2 questions for a smaller donation amount. You will send the funds through after you have received the answers :).

If this all sounds good to you, please send an email to I will reply you with a PDF consent form which you fill out digitally and return (no need to print, fill and scan) – this gives me permission to open your sacred Records. In the email where you send the completed consent form, please also send your 4 to 5 main questions, and 1 or 2 bonus questions. I will get back to you within 3 working days.

Thank you so much for your support. I’m looking forward to helping you receive guidance and clarity.

Love, Ruby