Why you should travel while you’re still young


You know, I guess I find the most motivation to write when I’m bored. Haha. This was something that hit me while I was sitting on the can. Yes – don’t you know the can is where the best ideas hit? It’s such a conducive place for creativity.

I was chatting with a friend who is 58. She was telling me about expensive flight tickets and how she didn’t have much of a choice but to get them despite having budget issues because well, her body couldn’t handle uncomfortable budget travelling anymore. And it’s just another reason why I think people should go explore the world in their youth. So here, I give you five simple reasons why you should travel while you’re still young.

1) You can endure a 10-hour budget airline flight, bus/rail journey

Therefore transport costs are cheaper! When you’re older, your knees and back might not be able to handle sitting in the cramped quarters of a moving tin box anymore so you’ll prefer to go full-service or business class, which is a more expensive ticket.

2) You’re still willing to stay in a hostel/budget accommodation

Again, this just means you’re saving on expenses. As you get older, you might find that climbing up onto that top bunk is terribly inconvenient for your arms and legs. Also, some of you might feel just a little out of place being the only 48-year-old in a dormitory of young, lithe twenty-somethings. Of course, kudos to you if you don’t give a shit about that.

3) You’ll still have energy for activities

Yes, you could maintain good health in your golden years but let’s face it, most of us aren’t elite level athletes and our bodies will  deteriorate to a point where we are just too tired to explore. Do you think you could handle that four-hour hike for a gorgeous panoramic view? Could you still enjoy the last bits of a full-day tour without just wanting to go back to the hotel to rest? Would you sign up for midnight activities? Maybe – but probably not. Your exploration may be limited to sitting in an air-conditioned bus throughout your entire holiday – and where’s the fun in that?

You can't see it but we were battling fierce-ass wind to take this picture. The wind was so strong coming up to this peak I had to crawl on the ground for stability.

You can’t tell, but we were battling seriously fierce wind to take this picture. The wind was so strong coming up to this peak I had to crawl on the ground for stability.

4) Student/Youth prices

Okay, I know this is another one related to cost savings, but when you’re young (and broke), that’s really one of the more important things: stretch your funds so it sustains you comfortably throughout your entire trip. Whether it’s admission tickets to points of interests, transport passes or even restaurants, being a student or youth can get you lower prices.

5) You don’t have responsibilities

I mean, no kids, no house, no bills, no parents to care for (yet), and you’ll have time to rejoin the workforce when you come back. People have this worry that they will lose everything they’ve built – and I can totally understand that it’s an incredibly scary thought. But it’s also totally unfounded. What if nothing goes wrong? Truly free time is short – if you don’t go now, then when? When you’re saddled with committments? Lets see you drop everything and leave then.

If you let the negative “what if” hold you back from doing what you really want, well, you’ll never find out about the amazing “what ifs” you could’ve had.

Some of you might say, well, money may not be an issue when I’m “older” if I keep working now, so I can afford the fancy comfortable hotels and expensive air tickets. See here’s the thing:

Would you have the time then?

Money can always be earned – seriously. Always. But once your time and energy is gone, it’s not coming back no matter what you do.

I came across this quote and I absolutely loved it. I think it’s come up here and there in a few of my pieces already. But  it just really struck me – and I hope it motivates you too.

Randy Komisar quote_credit Lifehack.org

That’s it for this entry :). Lots of love! ❤



3 thoughts on “Why you should travel while you’re still young

    • Hello! Thank you so much for leaving a comment :). You’re right, of course you could still travel when you have kids, or bills or a mortgage to pay – it’s just harder isn’t it! I’m so happy for you that you got the chance to see the world. I’m planning a few big trips myself in the years to come, before I decide to settle down! Have a wonderful day and hope you’ll be going somewhere soon – that’s the best kind of wish you could give to the travel-hungry eh? :p.

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